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How long does it take to have Acrylic/Gel nails put on?

To have artificial nails put on the whole treatment takes around 30-40 minutes. You can choose on the length, type of shape you desire for nails to look like. However, this time length is just for guideline only, nail treatment process may take a bit less or longer depending on individuals.

What different shapes can I have my nails?

If having natural nails or artificial nails there are always a few shapes to choose from: Oval, Square (with sharp or softened edges), Round, Pointed (Stiletto), Coffin (Semi-hexagon).

What is the difference between white tips and pink & white?

If you have Gel powder or Acrylic nails, and you want white tip design then we can airbrush it on the nails for you. However if you choose to have pink and white, this is like the white tips although instead of an airbrush design , the white tip will actually be the artificial white powder applied on tips of your nail.

What is the difference between Acrylic and Gel Powder?

Acrylic is more beneficial to you if you’re wanting a more natural pink tone to your nails. The gel powder gives your nails a clearer look so is more beneficial if you’re wanting white tips. Acrylic and Gel powder are both as strong and hard wearing. However, Gel powder nail treatment gives you a long lasting UV gel top coat which helps to protect your nail colour to last longer.

What is Gelish?

The Gelish is just like your normal nail polish that you apply onto your natural nail however it gives a shiny and gel type look to it and it’s also longer lasting.

Does Gel powder look the same as Acrylic nails?

Gel powder has a clearer look to it better for white tips with strong UV gel topcoat also ideal for full colour; while the Acrylic nails have a pink tone to them leaving your nails a natural look. These are both hard wearing.

Do I need to make an appointment?

If you are not sure when you can visit us, just pop in! You are all welcome any time. If you wish to reserve a place then making appointment is best.

How should I look after and care for my nails?

If you have Acrylic / Gel powder nails it’s advised to take care of them so if you’re doing household chores such as washing up, gardening or cleaning it’s advised to wear gloves just to protect the nail and varnish. You could try to avoid lifting heavy objects using your nails. If you are having long nails, good care is needed since they easily get caught. The more you look after your nails the longer they last

If the condition of my cuticles are bad what can I do to improve them?

If you’re not happy with the condition of your cuticle you can visit us for a manicure which will include a file, buff and cuticle work doing. You will also pick a colour of your choice to have applied. If you wish to continue caring for your cuticles and hands at home , be sure to apply a moisturising hand cream daily and it may be a good idea to invest in some cuticle oil to soften your cuticle.

What should I do when my natural nails start to grow?

When your natural nails start to grow and you can see the natural part at the bottom of you artificial nail, you know it will be time to come back to the salon for infills, or taking-off and redoing. We are happy to advise which is the best option on request.

What are infills?

Infills are when the natural part of your nail starts to show at the bottom of your artificial nail and you come and have that part filled in with the acrylic or gel powder instead of having all your nails taken off and re-done.

How often do I need to get my nails filling-in?

We would recommend once every 2 – 3 weeks. This depends on the nature and needs of individual’s nails. Some people’s nails grow faster than the others.

What should I do if my artificial nails break?

If one or more of your nails have broken you can come back to the salon and we’ll fix it for you. Charges may apply.

How do I take off my Gel powder/Acrylic nails?

If you decide you would like your nails taken off for whatever reason, you can come into the salon and we’ll remove them for you.

If I just want a colour change have I got to have infills as well?

If you’ve decided you would like a change of colour on your nails but it’s not time for you to have them infilled yet then that’s fine, you can visit our salon and we can change the colour for you.

Can I have Gel Powder or Acrylic on my toenails?

Yes. You can have gel powder or acrylic on your toenails. You can combine it and have a pedicure with either, or you can just simply have the Acrylic or Gel Powder applied alone.

Can I have false nails if my natural nails are short?

Yes you can have artificial nails if your nails are short, as to create the false nail a nail extension is applied to your nail to add length. We can do most types of nails. In very rare case we cannot do nail extension if your nails are extremely short. Please ask member of staff for more details.

I don’t want to have Gel powder or Acrylic nails however I want pampering, what other treatments do you offer?

If you don’t want artificial nails on your natural nail but you still want pampering you can have a natural manicure and pedicure. Both of these treatments include a file, buff and cuticle work, dead/hard skin removing, massage with your choice of nail varnish.

Why does my top coat colour change?

Any contact with cleaning products, make-up, smoking, some hand gels, tanning, henna art, food colouring etc. could stain your stop coat (the top coat does not literally change its colour).

How can I get personal advice on my desired treatment?

Our dedicated staff strive to give you the best advice on what treatment is best for you. Reach out to us and we will be happy to help: